a IOT LoraWAN Network for large scale deployments in Africa.

We provide long-range infrastructure for Internet of Things, and bring your devices into the cloud.

Get Data from any sensor.


With LoRa Technology, ranchers can track and detect anomalies in cattle behavior at any time.


With an industrial temperature monitoring system based on LoRa Technology, the production process can be tightly controlled.


Around the clock fall detection monitoring of the elderly is needed in some communities. LoRa Technology provides a low cost IoT solution.

Waste Management

Using LoraWAN Technology reduce operational costs, streamline collection routes and optimize the location of bins and skips.

Industrial Control

With LoraWAN Technology, utility companies can reduce their operational costs water leakage and meter reading .

Smart Tracking

With LoRa Technology, families can experience the same IoT benefits, including asset tracking and real-time monitoring, as enterprises and global organizations.

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